Our Expertise

40 years experience with consumer electronic repair and service. OviedoTVRepair has been engaged in the recycle and salvage of consumer electronics for more than 7 years.

Our goal is to save Plasma and LCD Televisions from a trip to the landfill. All electronic equipment contain various toxic and heavy elements, which when allowed to weather, release contaminants into the environment. We break down the components of each device that we salvage and separate the useful bits that can be reused. Sheet metal, plastics, liquid crystals, plasma panels and circuit boards are recycled , through a downstream certified ISO 14001 facility.

Our Methodology


When you call for service on your equipment I will attempt to give you an accurate apprasial of the failure and what it will take to repair. While on the telephone I will get as much information about your TV and how it failed. This will enable me to give you a reasonable opinion of what it will take to fix and how much it wil cost.