Broken Screen FAQ?



The short answer is that a broken screen cannot be repaired or otherwise salvaged. Once the crystal is cracked it usually will continue to crack until the TV doesn't show an image at all. It can be replaced but replacements are rare to non-existent.


Q: "But I can see that there are no cracks in the surface of the glass it's just that part behind."

A: That part behind is the screen/display. It is not a separate part that can be swapped out. Just because you cannot feel the crack just means that the damage hasn't penetrated the protective sheet on the front of the screen.


Q: "But there's only a small mark where the baby bottle hit the screen?!?"

A: That is where the damage is and that is all that it takes to destroy a screen/display


Q: "But I have the money and I am willing to fix this if you can only get the part!"

A: Screen/Displays are customized by the manufacturer to the model of TV that they are used in. Manufacturers only produce a small number of spares to offset those that might be cracked during the production run. There are no generic or one size fits all replacement screens.Typically replacement screens are only available for a short time, if at all, after the TV is manufactured . If there is a replacement screen available the cost to replace it would be almost the same as the cost of a brand new TV. Once they are gone the only source would be from salvage. Since the cost of replacement parts for this job is so high, we will not take a TV into the shop for repair that requires screen replacement.


Q: Why aren't there more salvage screens/displays available?

A: The screen/display is the most expensive part of the TV and as a consequence when it is cracked the TV becomes a parts donor or a recycle candidate. TV's with good screens usually are repaired and resold as working units.


Q: What do I do with my TV now?

A: The TV may have some intrinsic value due to the parts that are still good. But even that is limited to a case by case basis. Usually your best bet is to contact your county refuse service and find out where to take household electronics for proper disposal.There are also Electronic Recycle companies who specialize in breaking down equipment for proper recycle and salvage in a green manner.


I receive at least 5 telephone calls every day from people who ask these same questions. I hope this will help to clarify these questions. Almost any other failure in a TV can be repaired but a broken screen is the kiss of death.


Please recycle properly.